Weight Loss Pills – Different Classifications

The no controlled drugs are those that are not suspected of causing some type of addiction and can be sold online. One of the best known in this group is the brand name Xenical. What are the best pills to lose weight? Sure this is a good question for your medical doctor, and of course an appointment with this professional is the first thing you should do if you have this concern. The physician will tell you about the convenience of start or not a treatment.

These supplements do not have permissions of the Office of Health in their respective countries, and are known as dietary supplements, natural remedies, herbal products, dietary supplements and many other denominations. There are basically two kinds of pills to lose weight. Those with authorization of the Health Offices of the respective governments and those that are sold as herbal supplements, and do not have official allowances for market them.

The first group of pills, are those medications that are sold under a medical prescription. Within this group we can find basically the controlled substances, and the uncontrolled medicines. Controlled substances are those that can cause addiction and the sale of these drugs by the Internet is strictly prohibited. The best known are Phentermine, adipex secured website Bontril, Tenuate and others. Slimming pills are prescribed according to the physical condition of each patient and is a topic that only a specialist can treat.

The second group are the Herbal Supplements.  They cover all kinds of health problems such as overweight, insomnia, sexuality, sports performance, stop smoking and many more. Within the pills to lose weight, perhaps the best known herbal supplement is the Hoodia Gordoni. This is a South African cactus used since immemorial times by the indigenous people to survive in the long hunting trips. According to its promoters it has a great power of satiety controlling appetite for many hours.